Why We Use The Plant Of The Future.

Why We Use The Plant Of The Future. | Kreative Living

This is the plant of the future, no question about it.

It offers huge benefits over other resources in many ways – so much so, that it’s shocking we’re not using it more! Not only are products made of this plant consistently of superior quality, but the fiber itself is one of the most eco-friendly in the world.

That plant is Hemp. The most versatile stuff on earth.

Severe environmental problems are arising every day. Pollution, deforestation, global warming, water scarcity, the list goes on… Lucky for us, this miracle plant is here to save the day.

Worried about the global water shortage? Not when it comes to hemp. Hemp is drought resistant, and requires little water or irrigation. That’s a huge improvement over cotton, which can take a crazy 2,700 liters just to produce a single t-shirt… Plus, hemps lack of pesticides prevents water pollution. Requiring NO chemicals at all to grow, this is not only environmentally friendly, but also better for our health.

Hemp can also be harvested sustainably without damage to it’s ecosystem, and it’s biodegradable when it’s lifespan is up. This means that even after you throw away a hemp product, the material is broken down by natural processes and returned to the Earth, renewing the soil with every growth cycle. Not only does the environment go unharmed, it actually benefits from the disposal of the material.

In addition, the physical growth processes of hemp has an enormous leg up on other plants. It can produce just as much fiber as cotton in only 50% of the land, and has a faster growth rate. Hemp can mature in only four months and in the process of photosynthesis, it absorb massive amounts of carbon dioxide and releases it back into the atmosphere in high levels of oxygen, leaving the air much cleaner than before. Less space, faster growth, and cleaner air? What’s there to think about.

Some probably think, so it’s great for the environment, yes. That means it must be lacking in quality, right? Wrong. It’s actually better than most materials! While cotton fibers break down over time (don’t you hate when your favorite t-shirt gets a hole in it?), hemp has stronger fibers that soften with every wash but don’t break down nearly as quickly.

Now you may be wondering what else is hemp used for? It can be used for many things: paper, fuel, food, clothes, wood, sheets, plastic, even building houses… The opportunities are endless. The question is, with all their incredible benefits, what’s stopping us?

We’re telling you now, hemp is the plant of the future. Experience it with us.