Who We Are

Kreative Living is a lifestyle brand that values our ability as human beings to create our own future. This brand started as an idea in the kitchen (literally) that we all live kreative lives no matter what we choose to do. We were inspired to create t-shirts with street art, photography, paintings and all other forms of art while also holding on to some core values. All of our clothing is made of eco friendly fabrics. Along with being eco friendly, every t-shirt that we put out will better the life of somebody in this world. We are determined to make an impact with Kreative Living and we hope to encourage you to pursue your Kreative Living along the way. 


Our Style

T-shirts are such an essential part of everyones wardrobe and we wanted to focus on this from the start. Our general clothing style is geared by streetwear and casual wear as we enjoy the creative process of coming up with a unique piece. 

Our Packaging

Each t-shirt comes with a box and a drawstring bag. The drawstring bag is made of tyvek material and will serve as an easy to use bag to utilize when you are on the go. 


All of our designs are one of a kind and will be put out in limited quantities. From every collection we will hold a raffle and everyone that purchased a Kreative living shirt from the collection will have a chance to win a free shirt from the following collection. Never miss out in any of our future releases and subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know.