Art is Everything, Everything is Art.

Collection 1

Art Is Everything, Everything is Art

Our first collection was inspired by the realization that everything around us is art. We created designs that incorporated that mindset and centered Kreative Living around that belief. From the logos that we use to our packaging, everything was made to be different.

Kreative Living Signature:

The Kreative Living signature is our main logo, and it consists of a free hand signature of the brand name. Instead of using a generic font from the computer we decided that we wanted to make something raw. It’s meant to remind you that imperfections are a part of life and that its ok to put things out on your terms. Criticism will come with anything that is done but that is the beauty about art, there are so many different ways to go about it.

KL Heartbeat:

The K heartbeat logo is a combination of the K and L along with the heartbeat at the end of it. It was designed with the thought that we all have something to live for. Some of us just happened to find out that purpose sooner than others. As long as your heart is still beating, you have the ability to find your yours.

Kreate, Innovate, Inspire:

Our motto is simple. It encompasses what we are all about. We want to create clothing that matters and hopefully have an impact. With so much going on in today's world there are many reasons to start something and have an impact on whatever it is that is important to you. Innovation is something that comes along with the process. As a creative person, you will always look at ways to stand out and be different. Our way of innovating is by making something completely different than everyone else and putting something out that hasn’t been done yet. Inspiration to us is the reward that you get after you’ve created something. If we can inspire other people to go out and pursue their kreative living, then that is a success to us.