Messenger SS HMP Tee - Kreative Living
Messenger SS HMP Tee - Kreative Living
Messenger SS HMP Tee - Kreative Living
Messenger SS HMP Tee - Kreative Living
Messenger SS HMP Tee - Kreative Living
Messenger SS HMP Tee - Kreative Living
Messenger SS HMP Tee - Kreative Living

Messenger SS HMP Tee

Each HMP tee was entirely custom-made from scratch. From making our unique fabric blend to cutting and sewing, this t-shirt took 30+ days to produce, making it a truly one of a kind product.

Size: SM

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Damiete MacHarry

Pleased with the product. Really impressed with the quality of shirts.

Product description

We've been wanting to add another staple piece to Kreative Living. One that will stick with us for the long run. One that was represented by a god that in return could represent us and what we stand for. We chose Hermes, or maybe he chose us.

While at the Louvre in Paris, we took a picture of a small black statue, that was sitting in one of the corridors. Out of hundreds of pictures that we took, this one found it's way back to us and it automatically clicked that it had to be a part of Kreative Living without even knowing what it was. 

Once we looked into it we found out the it was the god Hermes. The messenger of the gods. 

  • Unisex
  • Regular Fit
  • Made of Hemp & Organic Cotton
  • Each t-shirt plants two trees 🌲🌲
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Orders are processed in the order they are received. Due to high volume of orders and the extra precautions that we're taking during this pandemic, we ask that you give us up to 7 business days to process your order. Processing time is separate from the shipping time. We typically ship out your items much sooner if possible but we ask that you give us that extra time just in case. We appreciate your patience and support!


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Returns & Exchanges

Due to the limited production of our custom products, we don't accept any returns or exchanges at this time unless there is damage to your product(s). If you receive your product(s) and there is any damage to them please make sure to contact us at within 3 business days of receiving your package. 

Made Of Eco-Friendly Fabric

One of Kreative Living's unique qualities is our environmentally friendly approach in creating our products. While it's not the popular thing to do or the most cost-effective way to make clothing, being able to create something that's good for you and for the environment was a no brainer. One of the misconceptions with utilizing hemp in clothing is that it may not be comfortable. With that in mind we made sure to make our fabric from scratch and produce a comfortable high quality t-shirt like no other.

You're probably wondering why you should consider wearing clothing made from hemp or organic cotton, so we decided to show you the facts. Check them out and see why this isn't your average clothing. 

Hemp Fabric:

hemp facts

Organic Cotton Fabric:

Products made of hemp and organic cotton are one of the keys to creating a sustainable fashion industry that can help fight the crucial environmental crisis that we're currently facing. By supporting eco-friendly businesses, you are becoming a part of the solution, and for that, we thank you.

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